Key Auto Group's Pricing Philosophy

We make the car buying process simple by displaying the lowest price on the window.  We price our vehicles more aggressively than anyone else in New England.  We're proud to display our low price on every vehicle's window.

We believe there is more to buying a vehicle than worrying about the price.  Key Auto has simplified the car finding process for our customers.  When we price a vehicle, we take the following into consideration:  1) market conditions, 2) what the area dealers are selling them for, 3) Kelly Blue Book* retail.  When you leave a Key Auto dealership, you're confident you've received the absolute best deal.

When the Key Auto Group was formed, the owner realized that most customers were tired of buying cars the "old-fashioned" way.  He wanted to get rid of negotiating back and forth over a price, and pressure from the salesperson.  This stressful process could last hours!  The customer would end up driving away in their new vehicle with no assurance that they received the best deal possible.  That's not how we do business.   That's why we started the Hassle-Free Zone.

We believe customers want to focus on the important aspects of buying a car, such as reliability, safety and integrity of the dealership and its staff.  All that can get overlooked when focusing on price alone.  Here at Key Auto, you can rest assured that you ARE receiving the best deal possible.  We'll prove it!

Key Auto Group has stores in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. You can find our locations in towns such as: Portsmouth NH, Somersworth NH, Newington NH, Salem NH, Nashua NH, Lebanon NH, Rutland VT, and York ME - allowing us to carry a wide selection of highly desirable inventory across New England. Stop by and say hello, or call us today at 855-971-6125, or simply click here to schedule an appointment. 

If you do not see the vehicle you want, please feel free to check out our CarFinder service and we will contact you when the vehicle you want arrives.

This is the Hassle-Free zone.  Welcome to the Key Auto Group.

*Kelly Blue Book is a registered trademark.


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